“Tethys” Marblehead project


In November 2013 during the RG65 European Masters in Lavrion,  I met a skipper from the United Kingdom later turned to be a very good friend of mine, Mr.  Alex Cory.

Alex is an enthusiastic r/c sailor but much more than this, he is a great boat manufacturer.

After a lot of discussion and sharing of techniques and methods about boat building, I mentioned him my idea about the design of a new Marblehead hull.  Alex suggested me to get in touch with Mr.  Mark Dicks , who is a good friend of Alex and tell him my idea.

Everyone into the r/c sailing community knows  Mark Dicks who is a great designer carrying a great history on his back. He is the designer of the very successful  IOM “Triple Crown” as well as the famous  “Dragon Force 65”


Mark and myself exchanged tons of ideas on the design of a Marblehead project and eventually ended up in the design of a modern and narrow hull.  The hard chines in the bottom of the hull was a personal demand as most of the latest designs follow. After we gathered all the ideas and elements, Mark fine tuned the plans according to my taste and sent them to me to begin the construction.

The chosen name for the boat is “Tethys“.  In Greek mythology, Tethys (/ˈtθs, ˈtɛθs/; Greek: Τηθύς), was a Titan daughter of Uranus and Gaia, and the wife of her brother the Titan-god Oceanus, and the mother by him of the river gods and the Oceanids. Tethys had no active role in Greek mythology, and no established cults.[1]

I will not describe in detail how I constructed the prototype hull, as most already know the planking constructions technique,  but nevertheless I’ll let the photos to describe the whole construction …

When the planking works finished,  putty was applied on the whole hull and endless sanding initiated.

The project included making a polyester mould in order to take some hulls for me and some friends…

The mould was polished thoroughly and the first polyester test hull came out really nice.

After the first polyester test hull a carbon fiber followed with great success and look…

The construction of the first carbon hull started in the custom bench I have built for the proper alignment of the boat.  The boat is sitting on waterline and the keel depth is the maximum of the class (70cm).

The fins I decided to use are made by Dave Creed and their quality and stiffness are beyond my expectations. I decide to use the maximum draft limit of the class rules.

Mast tube for the swing rig is made from pvc plastic electrical tube. Struts made of carbon fiber plates placed to support side forces from the rig in heavy weather.

Brass tubes were used for inlet and outlet of the winch sheet lines.

The deck layout for the electronics pot recess and just before paint shop…

The completed hull just before painting…

After a week in the paint shop I received a shiny beautifully painted hull …!!!

This hull was build for a new friend of mine as he wanted to participate in the local Marblehead championship with it.  I installed all the electronics and built a swing rig for him. The sails came from Mr. Martin Roberts and they were excellent…!!!

The delivery and the launch day with the new boat owner was scheduled on April 2016…

A nice B Conventional Rig was build also and was fitted to the hull for stronger weather conditions…

The finishing positions after three regattas are very promising for the future. Below is the first race of the season into the Hellenic Cultural Centre water canal.

The boat needs further rig and sail tuning and a lot of practice from its owner. I am waiting for the final championship results to see the total development of Tethys.

To be continued…

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