“Tethys” hull #2

   Nowdays I am working on the construction of one more Tethys hull.  Actually I am building my personal Tethys boat because I have sold my old Marblehead some months ago.

This hull is no.2 came out of the mould and is made from a mixed Carbon Kevlar cloth. I wanted to use this kind of cloth because I had some spare in stock and I wanted to test it for the advantages some people describe.

I wanted to keep the total cost of the project in low profile and I decided to make my own fins. I used balsa wood for the core of the fins and 4 layers of carbon cloth on each side pressed into a mould I have made with the appropriate NACA profile shape.

I have even made a new ballast/bulb, shorter and lighter than the one I have made for the first hull.

The next thing I decided to do with this boat was to use a slightly shorter fin than the one in the #1 hull, and so this fin was cut 10cm shorter turned to be 60cm from water-line.

The bulb was fit to the fin and aligned perfectly with the hull.

The fins were also aligned with the vertical axis of the boat, and with the help of the building bench that turned to be very easy and smooth.

And as you can notice from the clocks in the background of the picture above I work late at night 23:25 … 🙂


The main deck got placed to the hull and I used a mix of epoxy resin and micro balloons as an ultra light filler to fill all the gaps and small surface defects. That material worked perfectly as it is very hard once fully cured and you can wet sand it very easily.

The hull treated with several grades of wet sanding finishing with 800.

After that, it was sprayed with an automotive grey primer and received it’s final wet sanding before colour painting.

The same primer was also applied to the fins and bulb…

(My excessive beard can’t fit inside any mask size…)

Got up early one morning and sprayed all parts with my cheap Asian but trusty small spray gun…

The chosen colour was a kind offer by a friend of mine who bought a bigger amount than he really needed for his full-size yacht.

Thanks Nikos…!!!

And voila…!!!

Bulb was also painted with the same colour…

While the fins decided to be white…

Here comes the first picture with keel fin and rudder fitted to the hull to see the colour scheme and how the whole boat looks.

Blocks, sheets post and mainsheet attached.

The name of the boat is “The Big Greek Machine” borrowed from a famous full-size Greek sailing yacht of the 80s owned by  P.Goulandris. I made a vinyl cut sticker and put it on the bow of the hull.

Below is a photo of the original yacht racing in the Aegean Rally on late 80s.


Stay tuned for rigging and sailing updates soon…!!!

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