RG65 “Ritalin”

Below you can find my last attempt to build an RG-65 class hull. The designer of the boat is Mr. Arne Semken from Germany and I bought his plan back in spring of 2013.

I have built the main plug from balsa wood which turned to be a bad approach by my side, especially if you plan to make a polyester mold from that.

Balsa wood is not a strong enough material to handle all that stress that the plug will receive from the molding works…

Anyway, even with a very fragile plug I finally managed to make a good set of molds and from them, I have built some nice carbon and fiberglass hulls.

The biggest problem when building an RG65 is to be careful with the materials and parts you are using and keep the overall weight of the boat very low.

My philosophy for a good competitive boat is to use a bulb between 650gr to 750gr with a total displacement of 1050 to 1100gr of a fully rigged and ready to sail boat.

The boat came out very nice and I sailed it on the annual class championship of the same year finishing on the first overall.

I also raced it on the 2013 European Masters and I finished on the 8th place, came to be the first Greek place of the championship.

I really love the RG65 class because is the little brother of the Marblehead class and shares a lot of elements if you divide them by 2.



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