“MX-14” by MX Components

My second IOM was a commercial boat made by MX Components in Thailand named “MX-14“. It is a Frank Russell’s design also known as “Goth XP” but is slightly modified for MX Components production purposes.

After selling my “Image“, I was searching for a modern narrow design for my next yacht because most of the times the weather conditions where we use to race are very calm.

I was offered a second-handed boat from Italy which was the personal boat of Maurizio Morbidelli the owner of MX Components brand. I couldn’t resist to that offer and grab the boat without a second thought.

The boat came to me in September 2014, very professionally packed and I started the assembly and rigging immediately.

The first thing I did was to install the winch. I bought a S300-XS from MX Components and installed it in the provided mount plate.

Below it is clearly visible where the correction weights are placed.

The next step was to fit my rigs I kept from my old IOM. The main problem I faced was that the mast tubes I was using were 12,7mm and the mast box was for 11,1 outer diameter tubes.

I decided to cut them and make in my lathe an adapter made from ErtaCetal plastic in the desired outer diameter of the mast box.

Absolute fit and the rigs are ready for some serious tests… 🙂

Next thing to do was to install RX and rudder servo.

Top Rig-A fitted and ready to race…

…and here comes a racing shot  !!!



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