IOM “Triton”

I always enjoy building hulls from scratch and this time I decided to go for a little designing also, something I have never done before.

Inspired by “BritPoP” and “Alternative” hull lines I designed a narrow hull with a very hard chine reaching almost the bow of the boat. I added also some extra volumes on the bow area to avoid nose diving and some more ideas in the deck layout.

I named the design “Triton


I firstly build a wooden prototype as I was planning to go for a negative polyester mould.

Despite the fact that the hull looks very similar to BG designs it is a totally different boat with many personal ideas.

Unfortunately I didn’t keep any photos of the moulds. I only have some photos of the ready made boat…

I only built 6 hulls of this design and gave them to some friends of mine.

Prototype #2 sailing in Germany

Prototype #4

I used Dave Creed foils for half of the prototypes and MX Components foils for the rest of them.  Below you can see an MX Components carbon look bulb.

Today the mould is destroyed and the project is ceased.

It’s a pity I didn’t keep a hull for myself… 🙁




4 thoughts on “IOM “Triton””

  1. Hello
    The boat 2 is still in Germany and I (Charles) will be starting with it from 2018 on.
    My aim is starting the boat in some german IOM Regatta‘s next year.
    I‘ll keep in touch with you if you want me to.

  2. Hi Vangelis,
    since yesterday I am the owner of a triton IOM.
    Question: Is it possible to get a new front bumper from you otherwise the stl-files to print me a new one for the riton?
    Greetings from germany
    GER 22
    Sorry for my bad englisch.

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