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XIX NAVIGA World Championship

Surfing internet last night I found an interesting ad about a  RC sailing World Championship for Marblehead, IOM and 10R  like classes organised by NAVIGA.

I got a little confused initially because as far as I know World and European championships can only be organised by IRSA and ISAF for this classes.

The trick here is that the pre-mentioned ISAF classes are measured according to NAVIGA proprietary rules which are almost the same as ISAF classes rules. The classes names are also different and named as following:

IOM class is converted to F5-E

Marblehead class is converted to F5-M

10R Class is converted to F5-10

You can find the complete list of rules for all classes here:

The first thing that really got my attention and wanted to do a little more research was that the championship was organised in the countryside of a very beautiful country , Hungary.

I then searched about the participation so far and realised that most already registered skippers are from Austria and Slovakia.  It is very early of course until May but I guess most participants would be from nearby countries and towns.

The second and most important thing for me was to search about the participation fee and services. My surprise was phenomenal when I saw that for each class the participation fee was only  30 EUR for seniors and 15 EUR for juniors. With this kind of extremely low entry fee, I see this organisation as a superb alternative to ISAF and IRSA organisations. I guess you will not have the same competition level and organisation quality but it would be fun enough to keep most skippers busy and do some nice international racing.

Notice of Race can be downloaded in the following link:

For more information you can visit the following site:

And here is the official regatta’s website:



I hope this organisation to have many participants and have a great future because most RC sailors need an alternative organisation to official ISAF championships that turned to be more expensive.